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Many of my Japanese colleagues have admitted to me that, without their bi-annual bonus, they would not be able to make ends meet.Sadly, with Japan’s ongoing economic recessions, these bonuses are shrinking by the year.

Whatever your reason may be, before you start a career with Japan you need to know what working with the Japanese is like.Leaving before your superior, or even your senpai (seniors aka people that worked there longer/are older than you), is awkward.I mean, if Tanaka-san leaves at 5 pm everyday but everyone else works until 10, then Tanaka-san is, essentially, a selfish bastard and doesn’t care about his fellow man. The only one who can get away with leaving early is the foreign English teacher, because s/he’s not a “real” member of the team—but that’s a story for another day.It was my dream to live in Japan someday, and I knew with my cultural and language skills I could land a job at a big company like Toyota.Although I heard horror stories of overwork and discrimination at Japanese companies from fellow friends, I was confident I could be the exception. Yet nothing could have prepared me for the reality of working at a Japanese company.

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