Air crew dating

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Infidelity can be an issue in any profession, but it seems those in the airline industry are especially branded by the public, whether there is reason for it or not. My friend Eloise once recognized a passenger on her flight that she went to college with.They chatted and flirted during the flight, and as soon as Eloise was leaving the plane, her phone lit up with his text. They travel together and work to make their schedules coordinate, and she is absolutely head over heels in love.I’ve been a flight attendant for the past two years.The intrigue that surrounds us stems from the glamour of the Pan-Am flying era, but many 1950s stereotypes still linger.A small affair, sure, but suggesting a repeat performance with someone who lives in a different city across the country or ocean often proves “too much to handle.” Jillian, a flight attendant in Los Angeles, told me as much, citing an Australian guy who was scared by the idea that she wanted to visit him.“It’s like they don’t get it, I’m not flying to you and spending thousands of dollars to do it, I’m spending less than and I have two weeks free to travel.” He felt pressure to make things serious when all she wanted to do was hang out in one of her favorite countries.However, rather than allowing users to view all possible matches for their location, Crew Me filters out random strangers and uses GPS to show only airline employees who are in the same city.

Or maybe the fantasy of dating a flight attendant is more exciting than a normal relationship with real life wants and needs.

Taking a nod from Tinder, the Crew Me app enables airline employees to meet up with their peers, ensuring that a life in the sky is no longer lonely.

It comes with a much-vaunted veneer of glamour, but for pilots and cabin crew, life in the sky can be lonely.

My friend Analisa tells this story, which begins like a romantic comedy: She’s walking down the concourse to catch a commuting flight home and catches a glimpse of a total fox heading the other direction. With a chaotic schedule, naturally what most flight attendants crave is stability.

It would be nice to have someone ready to catch us when we fall from the clouds. Our dating pool of planet Earth is decidedly larger than most, but the reality is that guys are usually ill-equipped to handle the unpredictability of our lives.

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