Agnostic dating a christian

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I do Mechanical Coordination, She is a Software Engineer.

We very rarely speak of our religions, but we do enjoy making fun of nutcase religious fanatics.

She was with me while I worked through school, she watched the kids while getting her degree, and we both graduated last year.

The only problems that stem from our religion are usually, and admittedly my fault. She asked some questions and was sortve confused about it at first, but ultimately the response was basically that she doesn’t care.

Maybe he was already doubting or looking to escape. We just divorced after seven years of marriage; he no longer attends church and is an atheist, and I am still an atheist/agnostic and still seeking God. She’ll even go to church occasionally, albeit different ones – like a sociological experience.

It’s sort of funny because morally and relationship-wise, I value Christian ideas. But I don’t think I’ll find another Christian man willing to be patient with my faith struggles or with my divorcee status. She’s very aware of my atheism and yet we love each other because we share the same values as well as interests.

He attended the evening student masses and I would attend with him, even though I was doubting/atheistic at the time. We attended Catholic engagement classes, met with a priest, were married in a Catholic church.

Instead what ended up happening is he quit attending church early in our marriage.

And in December 2013 we conceived our first son due to be born 9/28/14 and I couldnt be happier! I feel like there’s a part of her I don’t know, and a part of her that would be entirely different if she was in “better company.” She used to be a pretty heavy bible literalist.

It took a few discussions on how the earth isn’t 5,000 years old, man didn’t walk with dinosaur, evolution is a fact not theory, etc.

He honestly believes he will go to heaven; I honestly believe once I’m dead, there’s nothing after.

It’s not a point of contention because that’s not why we love each other.

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