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READ MORE: P&G issues call to arms to ad industry over ‘antiquated’ media buying But you must persevere. In the kingdom of the blind, how do you ensure you’re the one-eyed man? Although it’s shite these days, the interview episode was always fun, when that bald bloke (Claude, is it? And although rosters reduce the admin burden and protect all parties, create an easy process for going off-piste.

Your procurement colleagues can also help spot gaps and share the load.

And as much as ‘traditional’ agencies argue that innovation begins and ends with them, you know better.

Whether it be emerging disciplines and global platforms or university campuses and geeks in sheds, you need to cast your net wider. That’s why we visit doctors, rather than Googling for a diagnosis.

Once assured and reserved, they would become curious and confessional. The issue for time-starved, budget-pressed marketers is deciding which is which.

Answering that usually starts with your agency roster. For one thing, loose aims like ‘innovation’ don’t make for clear briefs.

Agencies love working for big brands and you love hiring them. And with SMEs comprising 47% of private sector turnover according to the Deparment for Business, Innovation and Skills, UK plc could use the help.Take the opportunity provided by online dating and 'meet' new people without the trouble of travel.Real relationships start online every single day, join us and become one of those lucky people.Even if your roster agencies talk a good game on innovation, you need to be wary.The hype machine punts a new saviour every day: martech, digital transformation, customer experience, organisational design.

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