Against internet dating

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Offline Dating Pro: You may have friends in common which will make you more comfortable.

Con: You're not really sure of their relationship status.

Pro: You can determine if there's chemistry in person sooner.

Con: You're limited to your existing social circles or regular activities and will meet less people.

At the end of the digital day, if you're serious about meeting someone special, you must include a combination of both online and offline dating in your routine.

Remember the goal of online dating is to take your relationship offline.

To be sure, many people remain puzzled that someone would want to find a romantic partner online – 23% of Americans agree with the statement that “people who use online dating sites are desperate” – but in general it is much more culturally acceptable than it was a decade ago.

Being able to grow and maintain your relationship offline is critical as you go through the different phases of a relationship.

As one who believes in casting a wide net, I tell singles that you really need to do both. In reality, online dating, if done correctly, is just a method or service that will get you out there in the real world to meet someone offline and meet more people.

Pro: You can easily date in groups, while developing new friendships with people with similar interests.

Con: You're limiting yourself to a certain geographic area.

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