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This is such BS, and actually creates more problems than it fixes. Now unless your dermatologist is telling you otherwise, the goal is not to “dry your face out”, in fact, you should be moisturizing that bad boy so you skin doesn’t go crazy and over-produce oils on your face, which in-turn causes more zits and imperfections.Unless your dermatologist has advised otherwise, you should only be washing your face with soap once a day, at most.

The only difference is you may not get burned as quickly if you have darker skin, but any prolonged exposure causes damage.

Everyone’s body reacts differently, but like mine, if I eat a lot of dairy or sugar, I’ll get more zits.

I’ve actually tested this on multiple occasions to make sure I wasn’t imagining it. Check out my other Men’s Grooming Essentials videos/articles for more details.

n this video/article, I had my partner, Dorian, join me to discuss all the worst skincare advice men will run across on the internet and what to do instead.

I cringe every time I see someone talking about popping their pimples, not wearing a moisturizer with SPF, getting a base tan and using those horrible microdermabrasion tools and face scrubs they saw someone “recommend” online.

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