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And especially in Southern states, which will be the next to see same-sex marriage legalized, the question is how gay couples—and the reporters who sympathize with them—will do the same.Hello all, as this is my first post on this message board, I just want to say thank you for even taking the time out to look at this post.One pastor in Florida may be taking a stand against "Adam and Steve" jokes, but it's hard to tell what that means for any other church—or the overall denomination.And the bigger issue is the concept of a "culture war" itself.But no matter what environment the denomination is operating within, Moore seems to be saying, the core of their beliefs remain the same.Sex is a procreative act, defined by the intention of giving life.It's even more tempting to look for signs of a total "culture war" victory, especially considering the recent sweep of same-sex marriage legalizations.

He has very strong Baptist beliefs (he was baptized at the age of 12 and saved 3 different times), and I have very strong Methodist beliefs (I was baptized as in infant, and have only been saved once, though have professed my faith numerous times).

As he said at a recent discussion held by the Ethics & Public Policy Center: I don’t think that what we’re seeing is a move within evangelicalism ... I do think, though, that we’re seeing an era in which Christianity is able to be clear.

Nominal, cultural, almost-gospel Christianity is going away, and with it, the impulse to try to make Christianity marketable by making Christianity normal.

It provides vivid imagery: Warriors on behalf of two world views, fundamentally opposed, shouting at each other across a giant gulf of values and judgement.

Historically, Southern Baptists have been pegged as the prototypical culture warriors, and preachers like Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, and Pat Robertson were a big part of the rise of the Christian right and the Moral Majority in 1980s American politics.

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