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I arranged for them to be paid by the Malaysians for their time over there, or at some points their costs were picked up by me personally.The intention was that, if at the end of the project, it was all wrapped up into a company, we in ITL and the Malaysians would then seek to exploit that vehicle, and the sub-contractors would have a revenue share.Held at Imperial College, Exhibition Road, London, on January 21st 2017David Levy took the chair and thanked Janko Mrsic-Flogel for hosting both meetings.Present at the start of the meeting (am) were the directors David Levy (who also held a proxy for Sir Clive Sinclair), amd Janko Mrsic-Flogel.[As stated above Rai Hamilton joined the meeting by telephone later.]“In accordance with our company’s Article 16, as Sir Clive Sinclair’s proxy I have a casting vote at today’s Board meeting.“As CEO I will now review the current status of the company, financial, operational and strategic.“The situation at the time of the last Board meeting was that Rai Hamilton joined the Board to help us raise money via the TSS (The Senior Stream) deal, or via the Finnish or some other NASDAQ, or from private investors.No money has been raised and nothing came from the Malaysia initiative.

But here are some facts –The following people were directors up till Levy closed it of the company called – Intelligent Toys Ltd – Levy, Janko, Sir Clive Sinclair (Clive was also listed as Chairman by Levy), and other directors and shareholders.

Levy also did a contract between the chatbot company he convinced me to work on with him, till I resigned from it, but that contract covered the fact that he told me he not only had working chatbot code, which would be licensed from Intelligent Toys Ltd, but also that the Malaysian Government was also funding the rest of the researchers to finish it off, and that it would be sub licensed etc. I am unsure if he invoiced for that via his other working title of ‘Levy Consultants’ (also VAT registered) or via Intelligent Toys Ltd.

I am aware that money to pay several researchers/coders was paid, Levy also told me he was receiving £5000 a month to attend Malaysia also to ‘supervise them’ which he hated, all of this is of course in emails etc. I don’t know but would imagine as the chatbots were ‘owned’ by Intelligent Toys Ltd, the Malaysian government paid them, that’s down to the authorities to look into not me.

Clearly Rai recognizes the dire situation of the company and its lack of prospects under the present circumstances.“The meetings will be conducted in accordance with the company’s Replacement Shareholders Agreement dated February 11th 2016, and the company’s Articles of Association also dated February 11th 2016.

Both documents, and the Minutes of the Board and Shareholder meetings of the same date, were originated by Rai with some input from myself, Stuart and Janko.“Articles 1-3 of the company’s Articles of Association makes extensive reference to the Model Articles as set out in Schedule 3 to the Companies (Model Articles) Regulations (SI 2008/3229).

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