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Happy New Year Hi Peachy, As you are very obviously aware the temperatures in and around the Newbury area, are at their lowest for the last 10 years and apparently will remain so for the next few days!I have been working in an envoirement which for the last two weeks has had no heating, and after speaking to management yesterday, there is in no certainty of when this situation will be fixed..are still in for an incredibly cold spell.. Management have told us to wrap up as much as possible, but we are not aloud to wear extra outer clothing such as scarves or coats. Hi Andrew enjoy the prog while having Breakfast every day.Andrew can you help me, I've seached the web to try and find Irish Dancers to entertain our elderly service users for ST Patric Day. If you have any contacts could you contact me on 01189595905.Thank you desperate Day Centre Officer Hi Andrew, Im intrested to know why yet again Reading Council are slow in coming forward with regards to stating their supply of grit for the roads of Reading, all we seem to hearing is what West Berkshire has.This is one of the biggest retail chains in the country and I just wanted to clarify if what you think they doing is acceptable and legal. I could be way wrong in assuming they should help the staff, but would appreciate your feedback. Then in September each year they change the number to 59 or the approprite year and three letters.Come September 2012 the DVLA cannot use 52 because that was used in 2002.

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Girls and boys are also engaged by different stimuli.After the last snow fall in febuary 09 I fail to understand why a decision was made by R B C to remove 30 of the 70 grit bins distributed in the Reading area.In my own case I live in Tallis Lane Southcote and the grit bin which has been available for the residents of Cowper Way and Barn Close also to use for some thirty odd years has now been removed and when i contacted Reading Highways Dept they could not give a satisfactory answer. Today I have witnessed total disruption on the hill/bend where residents have been trying to get to work.But my favourite piece of music is the Agnus Dei from Gabriel Faure's Requiem Mass."Above: Andrew helps a young newsreader at the 2006 Newbury Show.

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