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Once your images have been verified, the “verified” symbol will appear on your ad, generating 20 times the response. Gentlemans Club Guide is the official strip club directory.With over 11 million members and 20,000 people joining every day, there is someone for you!Indulge yourself and find partners for hot Sexual Encounters!In Palm Beach County, Florida, all topless dancers are required to register with county officials and obtain an Adult Entertainment Work Identification Card (AEIC), at the cost of per year.The regulation is ridiculous for a lot of reasons, but at least applicants—many of whom are paid exclusively in cash—were able to pay the government-ID fee with cash, too, making things a little more convenient and a little less privacy-invading.

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Demanding strippers be licensed in the first place is a problem, though.The only ones truly affected are sex workers and adult-business owners.Not only does the regulation drive up their costs (and close off legal dancing to those just passing through town), it gives Palm Beach regulators a database of anyone who's ever taken their clothes off for money locally—leaving these records open to FOIA requests or hackers—and gives cops a pretense to check clubs at random to make sure there aren't any unlicensed dancers.The "she" here is Anita Pedemey, 54, who had been employed with Palm Beach County for more than 20 years.Since 2013, Pedemy was an administrative assistant with the county Public Safety Department.

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