Adult doll house web cam

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Another cute little toy with a lot of baggage with it.

Although it looked beautiful, something was disturbing with that look.

While some people find them interesting to say at least, some others are turning their heads away with disgust.

But the truth is, people cannot run from the fear: even when you find some things repulsive or want to forget them, you have that strange feeling of attraction.

A human face was supposed to look relaxing and warm, but – no, it doesn’t.

It looks more like some animal dressed as a human, and that is creepy right there.

And that squeaky sound that remains even when you take out the batteries?And that’s what I want to share with you in this post. Monkey with cymbals sounds like an old-school toy, which any kid would enjoy.But the level of creepiness of this little fella is beyond comprehension.I remember my first scary toy which marked a great deal of my childhood.But, I also remember some others that were popular back then.

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