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Classroom management is different because it has nothing to do with control and compliance.Classroom management has to do with organizing and structuring the classroom with procedures. For instance, should the teacher not be in the room or there is an emergency (“How Procedures Saved a Teacher's Life.” ), the students know what to do.“Oh, what do I do with this student or that student?” “How do I stop them from blurting out or leaving their seats?The problem lies with teachers not knowing the difference between classroom management and classroom discipline.When you go shopping, you expect the store to be well managed.They have dedicated their lives to leaving a legacy in education and making a difference in the lives of teachers and students.

Nearly a million teachers worldwide have heard his message.

Behavior has to do with discipline and classroom management has to do with procedures and routines.

Learning only takes place when the students are on task and doing their work, producing the lesson outcomes the teacher expects.

The First of Two Different Chatboards: Classroom Discipline On the cover page of Classroom Discipline and Classroom Management are listed under chatboards. Look at the items under Classroom Management and all too often the items listed have nothing to do with management.

They have to do with student behavior, which should have been posted under Classroom Discipline.

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