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It’s designed to let people easily jump in and out of chats, making video chatting a lot more casual than it’s long been on the web.Houseparty hit a million users within a year, making it something of a surprise hit.That may be an important goal for the company: the research firm e Marketer pegs Tumblr’s US users at around 23 million — a third as many as Instagram, which launched three years later.The firm believes Tumblr’s user growth is slowing, which isn’t a great sign for a once explosive network.For now, it sounds like those features will all revolve around watching, rather than Cabana expanding into other areas, like games.

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For one, it has Tumblr’s backing and will get plenty of promotion.

Cabana is a particularly interesting bet for Tumblr because it’s so unlike Tumblr itself.

Where Tumblr is organized around strangers with shared interests, Cabana is all about bringing together close friends who actually know each other.

Tumblr is getting into video chatting today with a new app called Cabana.

The app lets up to six people video chat at the same time, but with a twist: Cabana isn’t about just getting together to talk, it’s about getting together to watch You Tube videos.

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