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Within the Japanese sex industry, referred to as "Fuzoku" which in Japanese implies "sexual services, " there is an incredible amount available in terms of variety, quality and quantity."Fuzoku" is actually short for is actually short form of "Sei Fuzoku, "which means "sexual morals." In common usage Sei Fuzoku has been shortened to Fuzoku.Each customer is assigned to his own personal seating area. Action takes place in a private room or private curtained-off cubicle. These clubs have rooms decorated to resemble subway cars, offices, classrooms and police interrogation rooms.There are variations on this theme as some venues are referred to as Image Clubs and some used the term Image Health. Customers get to play-out fantasies of harassing female co-workers at the office, schoolgirls and female commuters on Tokyo's infamously crowded commuter trains. These are hybrid hostess bars where the girls dress in lingerie.Depending upon the individual bar, girls will partially disrobe and allow varying amounts of contact.Many girls will take off their bras, sit on the laps of their customers and French-kiss them.- depending upon the bar.

Each category of Fuzoku is fairy well-defined in terms of the services offered as well as its legal status.

" This motto/philosophy extends to the Fuzoku industry, which means the general level of service is high.

The Girl Friend Experience [GFE] at many pay-for-play venues isn't uncommon.

This has led Joan Sinclair, the author of Pink Box, to observe that the sex industry in Japan ironically "offer[s] absolutely everything imaginable but sex.

Japan is conventionally divided into nine regions, listed here from north to south: Okinawa Semi-tropical southern island chain reaching out toward Taiwan; formerly the independent Ryukyu Kingdom until it was annexed by Japan in 1879, its traditional customs and architecture are significantly different from the rest of Japan.

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