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At her mother’s insistence, Tami did talk to the local sheriff, but apparently never mentioned that she felt her life was in danger. According to Wing, Tami was now convinced that someone was trying to poison her: Then on July 1 st , Tami finally snapped.

She began smashing all the windows in her house and started attacking Wing. The following day, Tami and a friend drove to the local beach, when according to Detective Jim Skragg of the Cocoa Beach, Florida Police Department, they started to argue: “This friend picked her up at her home and they drove to the beach. And he basically stated that they’d become involved in a verbal argument.

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It was at that moment that Linda knew something was seriously wrong with her daughter: Tami’s mother checked her into a mental health center for a complete physical and psychiatric evaluation.

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Tami Lynn Leppert was an uncommonly beautiful child.

She entered her first beauty contest when she was just four years old.

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