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If you have medical concerns, please seek medical attention; if you think your problem could be acute, do so immediately.

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From symptoms I described, pain, deafness, leaking ears etc she described antibiotics, she wasn't able to see past the wax blockage in my ear so had to go by my description. Day 7 - pain almost completely gone and some improvement on hearing but very slight Day 8 - almost completely deaf again, pain gone, sharp shabby pains which I think was fluid moving.

Day 13 - still blocked in left ear but right no longer felt stuffed but still could not hear very well, would say 20% hearing returned.

Day 14 - both ears no longer stuffed but still feel fluid with popping and crackling, hearing vastly improved say 50%Day 15 - 80% hearing, still popping and crackling but another couple of days and I reckon it will be much better.

Hope it helps a little, even if it just makes you smile, because it hardly makes sense SORRY TMI Dont wait too long, it will only get worse if its not getting better, it may mean that you need ear drops and not tabs, It took my doctor 5 attampts to get my medication for this right, hense why it didnt go for so long!

The olive oil also helps to moisturise the skin inside your ear so that the fluids dont dry it out, might help you hear a little better.

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