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The initially built this nest, then nested on high tension power poles for a few years, then moved back to the nest in 2010 and successfully raised two eaglets. The pair laid 2 eggs in 2011, both of which hatched. and fledged from there at 14 weeks; the younger chick, named Jet, fledged successfully from the nest a few days earlier. The pair laid 2 eggs in 2013; only one hatched; feathers were seen as the second egg deteriorated, so we suspect the chick inside died before or during the attempt to hatch. reviewed the videos and felt it was likely broken, or at least badly sprained.The older chick, named Oreo by local schoolchildren, fell from the nest when about 10 weeks old; he was unharmed but couldn't be returned to the nest so was taken to O. The pair again laid 2 eggs in 2012; both hatched, and they were named Goldwing and Linux in honor of Richard Pitt, who rode a Goldwing motorcycle and much preferred the Linux operating system to Windows; the older chick died when she was a bit over 7 weeks old, possibly because a bone got stuck in her crop (based on how it looked on the cam) or perhaps because of contaminants in something she ate; the younger chick fledged successfully on her second attempt, after ending up grounded and rescued by O. The chick was named Tux, after the mascot for the Linux operating system, and fledged successfully. Observers noticed a problem with Mom Delta's left leg on February 8, and David Hancock and Bev Day from O. Other eagles were seen in the area, so the injury could be the result of a fight with another female for control of the nest - in which case it looks as if Mom won - but at a price.

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What we do know is that after a couple of weeks of steady incubation, the eggs were left alone for hours at a time, including several nights when the temperatures dipped near freezing, and not surprisingly, even though they resumed incubating somewhat more consistently after a time, neither egg hatched.

This pair either abandoned their nest or were driven off by a nearby pair in 2007, but returned in 2008 to raise two eaglets.

The older one fledged successfully, but the younger one fell from the nest when he was almost 11 weeks.

The eagles did indeed use their new nest in 2016 and laid two eggs, which hatched into the chicks named Ace and Pippen.

Ace fledged successfully, but sadly Pippen died when he or she was about 6-1/2 weeks old; Pippen had not been showing much interest in food for several days before that, and stood up much of the time, perhaps because it was harder to breathe whyle lying down, and his breathing was very labored the last few days.

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