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Perhaps, unique to being a father is the shared understanding I have with my parents of the trials and tribulations of parenthood.It’s never easy being a parent, but such an important role and responsibility!As a child I struggled with allergies and asthma (“attacks” as they were called back then).Frequent visits to the doctor’s office, emergency rooms and two hospitalizations left a big impression on me. I experienced first hand just how critical it is to have compassionate and knowledgeable doctors and nurses looking out for me.

I still marvel at how much I love my job, and how much there is left to learn!

What better training for a life as a mom and Pediatrician!

Subsequently, I returned to Children’s Mercy Hospital where I finished my Pediatric Residency.

She was working as a nurse when I had the good fortune to rotate through the Neonatal ICU.

Raising four children puts life and work into perspective like no other experience.

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