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Besides, I hate making the decisions about what do do..we don't have fun I'm always the one who has to feel guilty about that.

If Assertiveman decides, I can argue with him if I disagree, with much less fear that I'm going to hurt his feelings.

However, the whole "I'm not going to check with you first" thing turns me off. I would likely end up murdering Assertive Man, and I don't think I'm cut out for a prison lifestyle.

It's cool to have someone initiate things, but with the caveat that I get to throw in my two cents before it's set in stone. It is not endearing when I always have to pick the movie, and when I always have to plan dinner, and when I always have to decide what we're doing for the weekend. If those were the absolute only choices, I'd choose assertive.

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wondering where to start from but will describe my self as a peacful and accommodating man,i also like to make everyone around me happy and i dont discriminate or look down on people because no one is perfect and we are all unique in our own ways...time for me to love again and i hope to find that special someone who will be centre of my world and i will love,care and make her happy forever....

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