Accommodating others

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The best attitude that accommodates failure is disbelief.

For anybody learning to say "no" currently - learn to say "no" gently and kindly. I let people impose stuff on me, and once I have had enough, I have a very rude way of telling people off.

Watching other people (esp my fiance) saying "no" ever so gently has me wondering how easy life could be if I were able to do the same.

I'm practicing it, and I think I'm getting better at it.

Use this strategy carefully.) Two other times when an accommodating strategy can be appropriate: (1) if you are a manager and want your subordinates to take on responsibility and learn from their own mistakes, and (2) when you are hopelessly outmatched in power and the other side is using a competing strategy and you are going to lose anyway. If you feel that your concerns are never acknowledged and your opinions are ignored, you may be too accommodating.

“Some people have just rented your body to live in it for sometime and depart.

Think about it, how many people, other than your family, really give a shit if you live or die?

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when my fiance needs something from me that actually makes sense, or a customer who needs some small task that they would actually pay for.

It's counter-intuitive for some and obvious for others, but people will value you more if you are less available whereas they will treat your time with increasing contempt if you can be reached and interrupted easily.

With this reputation in place, people are much less likely to try to trick you into doing what they want, and more likely to try to get you to do things with them. If you don't have much social capital to begin with, it could backfire into being ignored altogether.

Science is one land, having the ability to accommodate even more people, as more residents gather in it; it is a treasure that is the greater the more it is shared.

Because of that, each of us can do his work in his own way, and the common ground does not mean conformity.” ― Wilhelm Ostwald tags: accommodate, accommodation, actions, comfort, comfortable, companions, connection, develop, food-for-thought, friendly, friends, friendship, habit, habits, habitual, israelmore-ayivor, networking, people, scare, value, value-system, values “Impossibilitarians are defeated before the battle even begins.

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