Accommodating negotiation

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Negotiating is essentially a process to get us to where or what we want. Kilmann devised an assessment instrument for evaluating an individual’s behaviour in conflict situations. Thomas and Kilmann describe five distinctive personalities for handling conflict situations/negotiations.

The process can be quick – it might take seconds or the negotiation could take months or more. The top 5 Negotiating Styles of Thomas and Kilmann. Competing (I win – You lose) This style of negotiation is best described as competitive and is one of the most used styles in negotiating.

This style, is naturally, well liked by the opposite party.

Examples of this style are when a person knowingly injures another person and willingly offers to pay all medical expenses hoping the injured party does not sue. Compromising (I Lose / Win Some – You Lose/ Win Some) The old adage ‘pick your battles’ applies here.

They recognise that both parties have needs that must be met and take the time to find creative solutions to this common conundrum.

In business, this style of negotiating is often seen as the “Holy Grail”.

Most business to business negotiators plan for this type of negotiation.

Some organisations are well known for their collaborative style of negotiating where some others are known for being mercenaries in their approach.

They do not immediately pursue their own concerns or the other parties nor do they ever address the conflict.

It needs to be recognised that this style of negotiating is somewhat wonderful ideological because in reality it is high on resources and time.

An example of this style is Honda Motor Company which is known for being completely focused on a collaborative approach to working with their suppliers resulting in greater commitment and cooperation and well built cars! Avoiding (I Lose – You Lose) This style can be more difficult to spot as it can go under cover for a time; it is a ‘passive aggressive style’.

It is certainly reasonable to use this strategy when the issue at hand is something of little importance to you.

If you are trying to pick a movie to watch, and you really don't care, it's fine to say 'Whatever you want is ok with me'.

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