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However, if you use concurrent clients, jitter can help your requests succeed faster.

For more information, see the blog post for Exponential Backoff and Jitter.

To view performance metrics for provisioned throughput vs.

consumed throughput, open the Amazon Cloud Watch console. The AWS SDKs for Dynamo DB automatically retry requests that receive this exception.

Otherwise, go to the AWS Service Health Dashboard to see if there are any operational issues with the service. The AWS SDKs perform their own retries and error checking.

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If you delay the batch operation using exponential backoff, the individual requests in the batch are much more likely to succeed.Each AWS SDK implements retry logic, automatically. For example, consider a Java application that requires a fail-fast strategy, with no retries allowed in case of an error.With the AWS SDK for Java, you could use the to turn off the retries.The usual technique for dealing with these error responses in a networked environment is to implement retries in the client application.This technique increases the reliability of the application and reduces operational costs for the developer.

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