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If you're in the mood for this sort of thing, it works! The bottle is unique and different and the scent is wonderful.

Furthermore I’d like to add that I don’t think I’ll ever come across another scent quite like this one. No other fragrance, in this hobby/addiction that’s saying a lot cause I’ve been through hundreds and hundreds, strikes such an eagerness to throw one’s self into the moment. I did not like it when i first tried it but later someone else had applied this one and i remember the fragrance in an instance. It feels so good in winter and foggy weather when you applied this fragrance on you and it feels like you are sitting near a petrol gallon from which smoke is evaporating slowly. That strange accord that many compare to Petrol (which is perhaps the violet leaf) is something Dior do so well.

I'm in my 20's and it's definitely for an older folks but I don't care. modern batches give me 6 to 8 hours longevity, fair projection and good to excellent sillage.

A rare and quality combination of aromatic qualities, masculine ruggedness, and timeless elegance.

I'm female but maybe I will get a bottle of this to wear myself and feel like a badass. It reminds me of Grey Flannel for about three seconds and then everything else hits..

All leather scents now have to measure up to this one for me. After having this for pretty much a full year now I'd say it does shine more in the warmer weather. it's just a smoldering and animalic floral leather.

It’s longevity is satisfying during a long day of work and I can smell it throughout its lasting. When in college, we had a teacher from France that used to wear it. If you try it in a store currently, the opening beckons you to make a purchase. It's masculine, fresh, woody and unique but so hard to describe. The latest batch i've tested a week ago has an opening that smells very much like diesel/burnt rubber.

The whole building knew when he was in because the smell of Fahrenheit inundated us all. I guess this is how Maverick from Top Gun smells like. I mean, it's very harsh and unorthodox, like it could be a product to cleanse your engine instead of a fragrance.

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for men. Fahrenheit was created by Jean-Louis Sieuzac and Michel Almairac. Out of my periphery, I see an SUV pull up behind my van, and a female voice says "Excuse me...." I looked up and saw 2 young women in the car. Think of walking into a detached garage or shed, and inside is a lawn mower that was used a few days earlier.

I won’t even touch on my contempt for altering or reformulating a fragrance. For those of you stating that the petroleum note has been amped up from past variations, I would concur! In a world of fresh, clean and aquatics scents that seem will never end, Fahrenheit is the absolute KING (sorry Creed Aventus, you are not the king). Unfortunately I never liked it (I can take the Le Parfum, but not the EDT). They create other unique accords in Dune and Dior Pour Homme.

Thankfully again I’ll say I am very delighted to have purchased this again in its 2018 iteration. I’m getting petrol throughout the majority of this bottle. Previous to my purchase I tried the tester bottle(2017) and there is a noticeable difference. This is one of the very few, exclusive, absolutely not mainstream, designer fragrance that hit the industry ever. I grew up in a all year hot climate area, and Fahrenheit, as I remember from the 80's, was an out of this world powerful scent for that weather. It may be true that they amped up the opening, but the shaving cream dry down is still very much quiescent, comparatively to the opening. This fragrances can do everything and get's lot's of compliments.

" Love the octane vibe you get from this, I have recently bought a new bottle of the original EDT, and a few months earlier I bought the Farhenheit Le Parfum he newer EDP....

But I did smell something like a bunch of flowers, a latex glove, and tires." The detectives look at each other and declare in unison, "Fahrenheit!

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