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This afternoon, Coveney said that he had met with the Russian ambassador and informed him “that the accreditation of a member of his staff with diplomatic status is to be terminated”.

In a spiraling diplomatic incident, the move to oust a Russian diplomat in solidarity with the UK has raised questions about the future relations with Russia, and the status of Ireland’s neutrality.

After the deadline passed, the House of Commons was told that the Kremlin was “culpable” for the attack, and that the UK would expel 23 Russian diplomats.

No British royals or ministers will attend the World Cup in Russia, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced to Britain’s parliament.

But a lecturer on post-Soviet politics, unrecognised states and Irish foreign policy disagrees.

“This is not a breach of Irish neutrality, neutrality has never meant not taking sides,” says Dr Donnacha Ó Beacháin, an associate professor at DCU School of Law and Government.

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Upon that announcement in the House of Commons, France, Germany, the US and EU leaders supported the sanctions taken against Russia.

The US announced it would expel 60 diplomats, Ukraine said it would oust 13, while Canada, France, Germany and Poland announced it would kick out four each.

This put pressure on Ireland to announce similar measures, which it reciprocated with today.

“Expelling diplomats is what one might call ‘cheap diplomacy’.

This is a very low-cost, predictable way of reacting, and it doesn’t cost anything financially.

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