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DANNY Miller is a fan favourite among serious Emmerdale viewers across the country.

The soap actor has won the hearts of viewers over the years for his vulnerable portrayal of troubled Aaron Dingle. A year later he appeared on Emmerdale, but left in 2012. He has starred in ITV drama Lightfields as Tom in 2013 and Jamaica Inn as William in 2014.

I think they are ridiculously cute together and I would rather they stay great friends than date and end up with an angry break-up.

Aaron celebrated his 28th birthday with Puff alone and they posted these pictures above.

As Sydney puts it to Andy, exasperated at Rumson’s latest volley, “How do you have patience for people who claim they love America, but clearly can’t stand Americans?

” Shepherd is Good, and Rumson is Bad, and these are truths Sorkin telegraphs over the course of the film—truths that we, too, can , and it shares with that show not just assorted idealisms and occasional mansplainings and a general veneer of perky partisanship, but also very specific characters and figures.

Then Apple Daily caught them talking outside her apartment late at night inside his car, including a cute gesture where she caressed his nose with her finger.

What got all the dating rumors started again is that Aaron and Puff celebrated his birthday alone and posted pictures of the candle lit dinner on Weibo.

The American President was released 20 years ago today.

The intervening decades brought, among so much else, 9/11, and wars both literal and figurative, and the Great Recession, and the housing crisis, and the White House’s transition from a Democratic administration to a Republican to a Democratic again.

It believes that politics caters most readily to those Americans who, as Stephen Colbert put it, “know with their hearts.”And so: The film makes clear to its audience that President Shepherd is better than his Republican presidential opponent, Bob Rumson, not because of anything we’re told about Rumson’s policies or vision for the country, but because Shepherd is charming and well-educated and appreciative of America in a nerdy, tell-stories-about-the-Founders-at-cocktail parties kind of way.

(Rumson, we are meant to understand, is none of those things.) Further, we’re meant to understand that the obvious better-ness exists not just on a political level, but a moral one.

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