8 simple rules for dating my ex wife

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Remember that how you deal with your husband’s ex wife will affect your marriage.

That’s why my first tip is to try to create a bond with her – even though this is the one tip that most readers do not like at all!

You may also have to learn about dealing with difficult husbands, because sometimes they cause unnecessary problems with their ex-wives.

No matter how angry his ex-wife is, or how frustrated or hurt you are, don’t involve your husband’s kids in the problems.

He was a different person when he met and married his first wife – and so was she.

He made the best decision he could, he fell in love, and he thought he was doing the right thing.

There is no way one article on how to deal with the ex wife will solve all your problems!

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It would take more than a single blog post to solve the problems caused by your husband’s first marriage! At the end of the post I share a few resources for remarriages and stepfamilies.

But, it’s more difficult to criticize people we know and like…so maybe if she got to know you, she might ease up a little.

You might not be able to change her, but you might charm her by being nice to her. It’s the way you love your partner every day.” Connecting with your husband’s ex wife may be one practical, hugely valuable way to love your spouse. Does she have a super clean or well-decorated house?

That might soften her, make her less angry or negative.

To build a better marriage, you might need to take the first step towards peace and friendship.

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