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If you are out for traditional souvenirs, there are several shops on the section if Strøget running between the city hall, and Amager torv.An option for bringing home some unique and useful souvenirs is buying furniture, lamps or industrial design from one of Copenhagen's own superstar architects and designers like Arne Jacobsen, Poul Henningsen or Børge Mortensen, who helped to turn Danish Design into a world wide brand in the first half of the 21st century - but don't expect it to be cheap, there are other options however, Kitchen accessories by Bodum and glassware by Holmegaard are some options that can be found in many stores throughout Copenhagen.Other options are Illums bolighus and the Danish Design Center store, both listed above.The Danish fashion industry has long been lagging behind the interior and furniture design industries, where Danish design is a recognized brand in itself.Slotsholmen is also home to a cluster of museums and the national archives.Børsen, the former stock exchange from 1640, is another striking Renaissance building located here, with its signature dragon spire.The outer lakes are known to the locals simply as Søerne or The Lakes in English, and they do not only define the border to the inner city, they are also immensely popular with joggers.The inner lakes are laid out in a zigzag pattern, and are what remains of the old fortifications, if you look at a map or satellite photo this is still very visible.

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It is dotted with historic buildings, church spires and narrow streets.It is claimed to be the biggest outdoor pedestrian shopping area in the world, regardless of whether this is true or not, it is a shoppers paradise, and the historic buildings as far as the eye can see, makes it a welcome alternative to any shopping center.The really interesting shopping however, is found in the small shops, in the many narrow side streets to Strøget, colloquially known as pisserenden or the Latin quarter.Many of them has been pedestrianized and is commonly known as Strøget, Copenhagen's main shopping area.But it gets much more interesting if you venture into the narrow streets and squares, since it hides some interesting shops, restaurants and old traditional bars hidden away for the curious traveler.

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