5 things you should know before dating a journalist

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Like all royal brides before her, She will most certainly be wearing a tiara—either one loaned to her by the Queen as Kate Middleton did on her wedding day or, in this case, the Spencer family tiara that has enormous sentimental value to Harry (it was Princess Diana’s favorite) and happens to be absolutely stunning.

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When asked which celebrity’s wedding dress was her all-time favorite, she cited the simple white satin sheath dress by Narciso Rodriquez, worn by Carolyn Bessette when she married John F. (She called it “simple and classic”) Bessette paired the dress with a simple long veil and sheer gloves.Not because I’m ashamed of it…maybe it’s more of my weariness of the cliches and attempts at making me feel ashamed for my convictions. (Grabs arms of his seat on either side and leans forward…) “ARE YOU CRAZY? And, if you’re a Christian, at least try to hide the fact that you don’t believe children are really a heritage from the Lord. Do you really think this is a subject to which my husband and I have not given a serious amount of thought, prayer and research?So he’s really chattering, to me, and to my 7-year-old about the baby who’s sleeping in her seat. All that intensity of thought is dismissed by your stupid question. “Children are a gift from Me…well, for the next 6,000 years or so.Because the question she asked clearly reveals that she is not even open to another take on the issue and probably hasn’t given it much thought at all beyond the assumption that if everyone else is doing it so should we.) I really must start answering more creatively to this question. The easiest way will be with a pill that often causes mood disorders, weight gain, nausea, abdominal pain, cancer and sometimes even abortion.But don’t worry about those, this is my will for you, I just forgot to mention it when the Bible was written.

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