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“I am so proud of the hard work, dedication, and persistence of this group of high school students.

This wonderful group of young scientists cherished the natural world, established annual goals, and used problem solving techniques in fun and creative ways while educating ourselves, our home, our school, and community about environmental sustainability and stewardship,” noted Fayette Academy biology teacher Donna Burrus.

“We are indebted to Ron, Rita, and Rick for their invaluable years of service to the students, teachers, parents, and administrators at Fayette Academy.

They gave tirelessly and unselfishly to provide the best opportunities for our students,” noted Fayette Academy Board President Steve Crafton.

Wizard of Oz Production at Fayette Academy Enjoys Tremendous Success Somerville, Tennessee — Over 100 talented, hard-working Fayette Academy students performed in the enchanting adaptation of the all-time classic, The Wizard of Oz in April.

The team’s efforts earned them a Runner Up placement in their division. Those participating are shown L–R: Sam Thornton, Connor Pattat, Brinley Tapp, Dylan Highfill and Grayson Weatherly.

The NEED organization recently announced Fayette Academy as the overall winner for the Senior Level School of the Year for its 36th Annual Youth Awards for Energy Achievement representing Tennessee.

In addition, Fayette Academy was announced as the overall Outstanding School Energy Efficiency Project winner representing the United States.

“This year’s school energy project was selected for outstanding recognition as the nation’s best school energy efficiency project by NEED for the light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs campus retrofit being installed this summer that will save our school millions of dollars over the lifetime of these highly energy-efficient LED bulbs.” Donna Burrus also serves as the curator for Mary Margaret’s Garden at Fayette Academy and is the co-sponsor of the Fayette Academy Ecology Club along with Melissa Norwood and Terri Reeves. Burrus was named the Tennessee Wildlife Federation Educator of the Year, National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Aerospace Educator of the Year, and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Environmental Educator of the Year.

Melissa Norwood teaches algebra II and geometry at Fayette Academy and serves as the co-sponsor for the Ecology Club and Mu Alpha Theta (MAT).

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