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His executioners then came to blows over the ‘lucky’ and highly saleable rope; the one who lost apparently cried.

The criminals whose executions were popular public events were expected to display ‘bottom’, a combination of steadiness and grit that Ferrers’s executioner clearly lacked, but which was the most admired Georgian virtue.

Although the majority of people still lived in the countryside at the end of the Georgian period, by 1800 about a quarter were living and working in towns.

Industrialisation brought with it a growing consumer culture.

The digitization and cataloguing of these documents will allow them to be searched and analysed in creative and flexible ways.

The Georgian Paper Programme is of particular value to universities, schools, academics and authors in the UK, the United States, Europe, the Commonwealth and around the world.

Nonetheless, the consumer revolution transformed not just the homes of the rich, but also of the middling and even some of the lower social strata.

What had been drab, sparsely furnished spaces were increasingly stuffed full of a cornucopia of cheaply manufactured household items known as ‘decencies’.

Crowds were also drawn to the theatre, which was immensely popular with both rich and poor.None but the very wealthy, however, could afford the extravagant society fashions of the mid-18th century: for women, tight whaleboned stays and immensely wide skirts supported on hooped petticoats or ‘false hips’; and for men, powdered wigs, long coats and richly embroidered waistcoats.The towering coiffeurs of the later 18th century forced ladies to sit on the floors of their coaches.The #NHS turns 70 this year but in Georgian times women treated minor ailments at home.This index page to Lady Augusta Murray's book of cures covers everything from purging to piles.

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