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The first thing we did was change the data source from log files to events.The feature environment was modified so that in addition to log files, events were written to the network as they happened.In the diagram above, generated events are sent to queues within Kafka on the left hand side.Then on the right side, Storm takes events from those queues and processes them.A first practical problem is that data transformation and load logic needs to be duplicated in both the ETL branch and the real-time branch.

When this happened we would have to start working our way backwards from the report back to the data source to figure out where the divergence was taking place.

So what we really did was add a second data integration pipeline to our environment.

Several problems started to become apparent as we lived in this dual pipeline scenario.

In this version, the Storm jobs wrote data into a specific set of real-time tables in our reporting database.

Reports hitting these database tables are now showing real-time data.

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